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What is it?

The Metrica® is unique demountable wall system designed to offer maximum functionality while offering a sleek and effortless aesthetic.


How it works

Metrica® can be customized to meet any requirement. The steel structure and anodized aluminum profiles are made to measurement in factory to insure accuracy.


The walls themselves are then site-assembled using insert panels. This adaptable design ensures interchangeability and reuse, saving installation time and costs and eliminating unnecessary waste. 

Future ready

Simple and efficient, this cost-effective flexible wall makes any successive changes to the original space layout, whether it is reconfiguration or full relocation, simple to complete. 

Demountable fascias and structure are easily reconfigured to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the workspace. Metrica's extensive levelling range open up possibilities for relocation to new floors or buildings.

Luxury of choice

Metrica® wall combines a high level of practical use with with a wide range of profiles and finishes. 

The insert panels are expressive in a range of options both in glass and wood solutions. They can fill the walls either horizontally or vertically to present the effortless aesthetic with their lines. Ranging from one and to four panels in each wall help to create ideal spaces for any place or purpose. 

Ideal acoustics  &

Environmentally friendly

Not only Metrica® offers the best visual with its small foot print,  it also provides the acoustical privacy that is needed in our modern work space. With options of single glaze or double glaze glass panels or double glaze wood panels, Metrica offers a space that is sound-absorbing and sound-blocking up to 46dB.


Framed double glazing

Metrica® v


Framed double glazing

Metrica® v


Single, curved profile

Metrica® c


Solid double panels 

Metrica® solid

Power of


Metrica® gives clients the ability to run cables and even utility pipes through the system allowing for the utmost flexibility and freedom of design.


Once the walls are in place, any panel or door can be removed and replaced without disrupting the entire system, making them nimble enough to adapt to whatever the future may bring.  


Even power and data are reconfigurable, so you can update your walls as often as you update technology. 


Customize your wall

Each Metrica® element can be customized according to a client’s taste and specific requirements. The panels can be be filled with glass or various colours of wood.

Showcase your company logo around the workplace or create private spaces without compromising the harmony of the workspace

More than just a


Doors in wood, glass, plain or framed, sliding or hinged that use either exposed or continuous invisible hinges.

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