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One-on-one consultation


Employees can either thrive at their work environment or they can feel demoralized by the atmosphere of their office space. We understand this perfectly and have designed the right products to help employees enjoy their working spaces.

However, designing an office space and deciding which products to choose could be a very challenging task and could have fundamental impact on the way employees spend their time at the office.  We are here to help you with this task!

Our expert interior designers are extremely familiar with Jalice products and are able to guide through the process of choosing your products

How does it work?

You simply email us the layout of your office and write us about your ideal office space and our team will get to work. They will review your submission and contact you to ask you a few questions if necessary. They will then select the most ideal Jalice products for your space and send their idea for your review. If you like what you see, they will even submit your order for you and arrange for your delivery. 

Please note that this services will only provide you with a general idea for your office furnishing process. For a one-on-one and cohesive consultation, please read below.


We understand how busy life can get and sometimes you would just rather to assign the task of furnishing your office to a professional designer  in order to save yourself time and mental energy.  We are here to help you with this task.

Simply submit the form below or send us a the direct email at with some detail about your project and receive your own customized quote for furnishing your entire office with Jalice product.  This also means that you will benefit from special incentives for your product purchases.


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